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Inspired by the start-up genes, some classic recipes of elders, and lots of love for the cakes; Mr. Sandeep Grover and Mrs. Payal Grover created their heaven – a cake shop and bakery – The Cake Shoppe! A bakery shop which uses the finest and the unique ingredients for baking. By trying to create amazing custom cakes, The Cake Shoppe wants to bring happiness and moments of celebrations to the consumer’s life each & every day.

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Talking about the chef; Mr. Sandeep Grover is the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) graduate. He did his graduation during the years of 1989 – 91, when it was falsely assumed that making cakes, baking, or any hotel management or home science courses are exclusively for women. Sandeep has fought with all the stereotypes and today; he is a successful chef and entrepreneur. It’s all about passion and persistence, he says! After completing his graduation from IHM, he was the management trainee of ITC. He also got his industrial training in the Taj group of hotels.


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The Cake Shoppe was established in 1992 in Vadodara, Gujarat; with a vision of becoming the most creative bakery in India. Throughout these many years, it never failed to deliver delicious cakes and other bakery items with consistent quality, amazing flavors, and undivided attention. The feedback and responses of the customers are also warm as The Cake Shoppe always up for their demands.

A sister concern of Cake shoppe is a branch of the cake shoppe, which was founded in 2017. It is also driven by the ethical and moral principles to consider honesty & integrity in business. A business requires loyal suppliers, honest employees, and supportive customers. Because of the goodwill, The Cake Shoppe is lucky to have them all. By using traditional methods and yummy recipes, ‘The Cake Shoppe‘ wishes to leave an impact in creative baking.

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Sandeep Grover,
Founder, The Cake Shoppe

‘An alumnus of Airforce Central School, Jorhat, ‘Assam, Sandeep completed his graduation from the Insitute of Hotel Management CateringTechnology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai in 1992. A national-level Badminton player, ‘Sandeep participated in the nationaLievel‘badminton championship held at Jamshedpur in 1986 as well as at Swarna Bharat Indoor Stadium, Visakhapatnam in 1988. Starting his entrepreneurial journey with ‘The Cake Shoppe’ at the age of 23 in 1993, Sandeep went ahead to set up a factory in Baroda called The Cake Shoppe which helped in catering to large requirements in 2016. With an attitude to never stop learning Sandeep continued his education along with his business and completed his MAin English in 2008. Winner of the ‘Foodies Award’ for the Best Bakery in Baroda, Sandeep started a Caté and Bakery by the names 7 Leaves – The Organic Café and The Cake Shoppe -a second unit of The Cake Shoppe.


Projected to reach $2705 billion by 2027, the global food and confectionery market is surging significantly at a CAGR. of 3.6 percent which makes it an advantageous domain at present. Equipped with many opportunities to leverage and yield attractive returns, the food and. confectionery domain has been attracting investors and entrepreneurs alikefor the past few decades Grabbing this opportunity to create a unique identity of his own as a new-age leader Sandeep Grover is a phenomenal persona ‘who build his entrepreneurial empire in the food and confectionery market through his brainchild – The Cake Shoppe. Venturing into entrepreneurship, Sandeep was only 23 years old ‘when he established his first bakery The Cake ‘Shoppe in 1998 without any prior experience in the field With a notion to deliver delicious bakery items with consistent quality, amazing favors snd undivided attention, The Cake Shoppe has managed to create its distinguished identity in the ‘market, which encouraged Sandeep to establish fits sinter concern, the Baroda Baker in 2017.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with the CEO Insights, Sandeep Grover elaborates his journey as an exceptional leader with 2 pensistentcommitment to enrich the ‘confectionery market with quality foods and bakery items.

Being one of the youngestentrepreneurs to take a Joan in Baroda to commence my journey with The Cake Shoppe, I had a liaison with people and government authorities which further led to the smooth execution of my plans. Undergoing through the management of resources at a young age sharpenedmy leadership skills intriguingly, as T penetrated further into the business. Nobody would want to believe a young lad with skills to deliver the best bread, pastries and cookies in town but I succeeded in convincing my guest and customers to try our products which remain distinguished in a market loaded with classy bakery products. Owing to my role at The Cake Shoppe, I had to wear various hats because I had to be balance headed at a young age to lead a team of skilled yet uneducated individuals to deliver products as per my satisfaction.

With my vision to look ahead of my time and de- liver quality products when Baroda as a market was not yet mature enough to accept the price range, I learned decision making after committing a few mistakes, but they were real stepping stones to my success. Although financial Management was another facet that took a large amount of time to streamline and got resolved eventually, the biggest challenge for me was to get people to believe in me as much as I believed in myself. I am text block. Click the edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Being the first bakery in town to deliver live cakes that are made to order in front of the customers, The Cake Shoppe was the first to introduce photo Cakes in Gujrat and Cheese Cake in Baroda. With Special products like Oat Meal cookies and Ajwain cookies, some of the exotic dishes on our menu include White Forest Pastry and Cake, Strawberry Forest Pastry and Cake, Orange Forest Pastry and Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, KitKat Cake, Spaghetti and Mayo Puffs and many more.

Although the Photo Cake machine was introduced in Baroda by me, currently, the use of the latest technology has always been a priority. The usage of Cookie drops machines, Rotary Oven, Industrial whiskers, Automatic Chocolate Garnish Machines are some of the machines at our bakeries that help deliver quality products.

Our co-ordination with other small bakery outlets to deliver products on time as per their specification have paved the way to establish a proper factory-For us, word of mouth was the most effective way of reaching out to people as it did not need any authentication. People who experienced and liked our products were our brand ambassadors Effective usage of Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and presence on online food ordering and delivering apps like Zomato, Swiggy played an important part in reaching out to a larger client base.Comprising of many elite brands, L&T, Axis Bank, HDFCBank, Sun Pharma, Linde, Schneider are few names adorning our client base amongst a huge list of companies that we cater to.

Right from day one, I was very clear that family would play an important part in my life as my profession. This clarity of thought made sure that even if I burnt the midnight oil at work, I would take time out at least during weekends to spend time with my wife and children. My wife has always been an integral part of all discussions and hence the family bonded well. They have been my largest strength and continuous source of inspiration to challenge myself and reach greater heights.